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Our Company
Sutlej Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a part  Data Entry Pakistan.  We are a zero debt, family owned, self funded company. We are already  10 years into call centre and e-commerce outsourcing services, with a proven track record of success with some of the largest and most popular organizations worldwide.

Our Team
With us you have access to skilled and multi- specialty workforce fluent in English , French and Spanish. Our Team of customer service professionals have diverse industry experience, and are hand picked for each of our clients individually.

Our agents are given extensive coaching customized for your specific business needs as per your guidelines so that they seem like one of your “extended” team members only.We select the operators from your specialized area of business. This not only facilitates the operators having a sound knowledge of products/services offered by you, but also that they would handle your customers in the most appropriate and smart manner. Our highly skilled salesmen have the right mix of patience, and aggressiveness to sell your services.

Most of our tech support agents have certifications such as CCNA, MSCE, A+ and degrees such as B.Tech, B.Sc, Engineering, MCA, BCA etc.

All our voice support agents must successfully complete a rigorous cultural and accent neutralization program and successfully pass a voice proficiency test prior to proceeding to a thorough and focused training specific to your business and products.

We have self owned ‘A class’ constructed building with 20,000 Sq. feet area available. Our WAN (Internet) connectivity is fully redundant with the entire network including last mile to the building on Fibre Optic

We have over 50 workstations, allied equipment such as firewalls, routers etc. All our equipment is new, well maintained, and state-of the art.

Our building is guarded with professional security guards 24×7. Our network is behind strict firewalls. All employees are frisked at the time of leaving the premises